If extra energy is topping your holiday wish list, you’re not alone. With all of the shopping, gifting, wrapping, cooking and celebrating during the season, your energy will most likely be as drained as your time and your wallet. And with invitations and obligations filling up your calendar, you’ll end up feeling your worst when you want to be at your best. This only makes you more vulnerable to reaching for sugary treats and those turbo-charged lattes for that extra boost of energy, yet these come with those extra pounds and health concerns. But having a holiday stash of these five healthy foods can help you stay energized for all of the season’s activities and festivities.

1. Treat Yourself to Bananas

Bananas are one of the most appealing foods to eat for that extra burst of energy. Along with being easy to grab on the go, bananas are full of carbohydrates that give you a rapid energy boost to fuel those marathon shopping trips. Plus, the potassium in bananas can help you recover from too many parties, while their vitamin B6 helps convert food to energy and gives you a burst of feel-good serotonin to make your holidays even happier.

2. Mix and Mingle with Trail Mix

If you’re one of the many tempted by sweet and salty snacks, trail mix can suit your cravings and your need for long-lasting energy. Grab a few handfuls of trail mix for a crunchy and chewy combo that keeps you full and keeps you going. See, the nuts in trail mix are packed with protein and healthy fats, while the dried fruits are full of vitamins, antioxidants and a satisfying sweetness that helps you resist that plate of holiday sugar cookies.

3. Add Yogurt to Your Wish List

Whether you go for Greek, traditional or non-dairy alternatives, yogurt is a picture-perfect package of protein and carbohydrates. Its carbs come primarily in the form of simple sugars that offer ready-to-use energy, while its protein slows your digestion and helps you sustain that energy longer. And don’t forget about its abundance of probiotics, which are the good-for-you bacteria that help strengthen a weak immune system and allow you to stay healthy to keep you from missing those holiday gatherings.

4. Get Comfort and Joy from Oatmeal

Holiday stress can leave you reaching for heavy comfort foods, but there’s no better cup of comfort than a healthy bowl of oatmeal. Its combination of satisfying protein and fiber-filled carbohydrates give you long-lasting energy and keep your appetite under control. Plus, the B vitamins and minerals in oatmeal help your body produce and sustain that much-needed energy boost.

5. Share the Season with Half a Sandwich

The day after Thanksgiving isn’t the only time for a sandwich! Pairing a wholesome filling like turkey, chicken or nut butter with a slice of whole-grain bread gives you satisfying protein and energy-boosting carbs in a healthy, handheld snack. By helping yourself to only half a sandwich, you’ll get the energy you need without the extra pounds you don’t.

If the hustle and bustle of the holidays has you dreaming of extra energy, try these tasty and tempting foods to help you keep shopping without dropping.

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